Guitar Colloquium


“There are loads and loads of guitarists in the world but a tiny percentage are good. Innes is really really good! He stands out among generations of players in the trad/folk scene” Kris Drever

“Innes Watson is a guitarist of stunning clarity and purpose. He’s carrying the weight of a deep and soulful tradition with confidence, as though it were in his pocket.” John Smith

“One of the brightest prospects for the future of the instrument in Scotland” Brian McNeill

Just back from a lovely evening at Abriachan Village Hall. We had a great workshop in the afternoon too! The results of which can be seen here…

Surprise guest Calum McIntyre there on the Ceilidh Tray. Epic

Workshops are open to anyone that has one year or more experience and we’ll be learning some of my compositions from 2011. There’ll be easy chords, lines, melodies and harmonies right through to complex arrangement for those who fancy it…to sign up just follow the links below and get in touch with the venues – be quick LIMITED SPACES AVAILABLE

Friday 25th May – the Ceilidh Place, Ullapool

Saturday 2nd June – Tolbooth, Stirling