Shhh i’m on the Phone

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Innes Watson – Shhh i’m on the Phone

An introduction by Duncan Chisholm:

There are a certain breed of people that stand alone and apart in the creative world, they have the tag – ’the musician’s musician’ – Innes Watson to my mind falls full square into this category.

As well as being outstanding at his craft, one of the finest guitar players of his generation and an incredibly fine fiddle player and singer, Innes for me is a musician’s musician because he has a free spirit and an absolute honesty within his compositions and his music. Nothing is contrived, it is all from inside the heart.

‘Shhh I’m on the Phone’ was created during lockdown and as such, brought with it production and technical obstacles in recording an album while on Skye. Rather than these obstacles blocking his path, Innes, in his own incredibly creative way, made them the path. Recording on his phone an album of wonderfully beautiful music and song that is testament not only to his musicianship but to his heart also.

Great grooves, fantastic tunes and heartfelt, beautiful songs make up this album, I couldn’t recommend it highly enough.


released October 1, 2020

Recorded by Innes Watson
Mixed/mastered by Andrea Gobbi


all rights reserved