2 thoughts on “Innes Watson’s Guitar Colloquium!”

  1. great show in Rockland, Me at the beautiful Strand Theater last night. Here’s a link to my friend Alex Watson’s web site: watsonguitars.net. He’s from Tomatin and builds beautiful guitars in Southern California.

  2. I’ve no idea if we’ve met. I’ve put quite a lot of new Traveller books, music and festi books together, including A time to travel?; Battle of the Beanfield and Travelling Daze, and am a long-term member of the free cultural spaces international community (and performed at, places like Ruigoord, Uzupis, Christiania and festies like Boom, Landjuweel, Surplus, Kozfest and OZORA). I live in Eyemouth in the Scottish borders and also in Todmorden, West Yorkshire.

    I write and take pics for the online magazines, international times and Gonzo. http://www.gonzoweekly.com and http://internationaltimes.it/

    I wondered if you might be up for an interview for publication? I have a copy of your Guitar Colloquim album.

    I’m interested in your views on the music scene in general and the social and cultural situation of younger people and music. I have interviewed and photographed all sorts of of people from Scottish folkies to Fred Frith, John Russell, Andy Weatherall, Dave Randall (Faithless), Misty in Roots, Brix, Dr Feelgood (et al.) and coveed all sorts of genres from blues to reggae and Old Skool Traveller bands and festies through to the EDM scene today. And ‘back in the day’ saw guitarists like Davey Graham, Jansch, Fahey, Renbourn, Cooder and more…not stopped yet!

    I can easily construct it as a Word doc file and leave spaces for you to answer Qs. I’ve done a lot of these. They seem to work.

    luv ‘n respect


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